Thursday, September 5, 2013

You decided to do WHAT?!

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I find that when I have a certain conversation with people, I get an exaggerated reaction that I haven't quite figured out.

It usually starts with a casual conversation, then the topic comes up.  When I answer the question, I am faced with the reaction that I still can't get used to.  This reaction includes eyes bulging and a look of horror, followed by question of "Why?", "Are you crazy?" and "Is that really a good idea?".  Did I admit that I was planning on murdering a celebrity?  No.  Maybe I admitted that I was going to rob a bank.  Nope.  Or maybe I was planning a sex change operation.  Definitely not!  This reaction came from friends, relatives and even doctors.

What I had actually admitted to was that I was planning to conceive a fourth child.  I was going to create another life and expand my family by choice!

I really don't understand what the horror and questioning is all about.  I am a responsible mother with a house and a husband who makes enough money to support us (barely at times, but it works).  I take care of my own children and I think I do a pretty good job of it.  I'm not looking for handouts from anyone, or asking anyone to raise my children for me.  I do not live off of the government or of generous relatives.  My husband and I are fully capable, stable, loving parents and there is nothing wrong with adding to our already happy family.

At first, these reactions upset me.  Not because these people didn't approve of my decision, but because it made me question my own decision.  Maybe I am crazy.  Maybe I'm not ready.  Maybe it is an irresponsible decision.  Then I snapped out of it and realized that I don't need anyone's approval to bring another life into this world.  I don't need anyone's permission.  It is my decision (and my husband's).  We know our family best and we know what is good for our family, so who is anyone to question us?  I decided to be confident and own my decision.  If someone doesn't like it, I don't give a crap.  They can just look the other way and carry on with their own life!

Making the choice to have another baby is a personal decision and it is a beautiful thing.  No one has the right to make us feel anything but happy and excited!  So I take the same stance on this, as I do with many other things in my life.  I don't need people to approve of my decisions.  It's my decision, and it's an amazing choice.  So there!

Don't look so damn horrified.  I didn't kill anyone.  I am creating a person!!  Get over it!