Monday, March 3, 2014

Bored out of my mind as a SAHM

**I'm so excited to announce that I've started a youtube channel discussing everything home making. My channel name is Surviving As Mom.  Check it out!!

I am forever thankful for the ability to be a SAHM and be with my children every minute of every day.  However, I am SOO bored on a daily basis, I feel like I'm gonna lose my mind!  If there is a SAHM out there who says she isn't bored with the monotony of caring for small children and maintaining a home, she is lying ...or maybe just completely insane!

I love that I can witness all of the "firsts", that I can go to every event, I control everything my children eat, experience, learn and so on.  It's nice to not have to leave to go to work when I'd rather spend the day with the most important little people in my life.  I love that they rely on my completely for everything.

Unfortunately, I also find my daily tasks to be extremely boring and I long for mental stimulation beyond cooking, cleaning, laundry, organizing, changing diapers, feedings, wiping boogers, breaking up fights, and all the other duties that belong to MOM.  I'm not saying I have nothing to do.  In fact, I'm exhausted from nonstop work that I do daily.  It takes an endless amount of energy to care for 3 small boys while maintaining a clean and organized home (plus a large dog).  By the middle of the day, I am ready to claw my eyes out from boredom!  I find myself walking around aimlessly trying desperately to entertain my brain with something other than what I do every single day.  By the evening, after all the kids are in bed, I feel terribly anxious from the boredom. I try to relax and enjoy my regular tv shows with my husband, but that is only a temporary fix.

Every day is the same.  I Drag myself out of bed, make breakfast for everyone,  brush my teeth and change from my pj's to my house clothes (sweats, t-shirt and sports bra), change diaper and entertain the kids for a few hours.  Then 12:00 is nap time for the baby while I do some misc housework.  The baby wakes up around 2:00, which means I have to entertain everyone for a few more hours.  Then I start dinner, then baths and bed.  Occasionally there's an appointment thrown in here and there.  The winter is the worst because we are all stuck in the house.  At least in the summer, we can sit in the back yard and play.  About once a week, I muster up the courage and energy to bring everyone to the park for a few hours.  Every day is the same.  Boring, tedious, monotonous!

I love my children more than anything, and I know how lucky I am to be home with them.  I love to be home with them, but a little mental stimulation would be nice.  Some social interaction wouldn't hurt either.