Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cleaning Schedule

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I love a clean house!  However, like most people in the world, I hate the actual process of cleaning.  I always seemed to be drowning in my to-do list when it comes to cleaning and organizing, so I decided to do some research.  I found that many moms who seem to have their "stuff" together operate on a schedule.  I decided to try it and found that it worked very well.  Not only did it keep me on track, but it made the job easier since it broke everything down each day.  This allows me to spend 15-20 minutes a day maintaining my home in an acceptable condition, rather than spending an entire day cleaning the whole house only to find it a disaster again a few days later.  

I compared many different types of cleaning schedules and took bits and pieces from each that would work for me.  I then sat down and wrote my own schedule.  This is what I came up with.  It is posted on my refrigerator so I can see it every time I go into the kitchen.  

I'll admit, there have been plenty of times when I'd fall of following the schedule, even for weeks at a time.  That's ok.  This schedule has at least taught me that I can spend a short time each day getting my home in an acceptable condition.  I've also learned that a little each day is much easier (and nicer looking) than all at once.  

Feel free to copy my schedule and taylor it to your needs.

Happy Cleaning!!

*I've also attached the link to this document: Cleaning Schedule