Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No more stinky bath towels!

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For over a year now, I've been plagued by foul smelling bath towels.  No matter how often I washed them, or what tricks I used to clean them, the odor never went away.  I've tried the recommendation all over the internet of washing them in only vinegar, baking soda and hot water, but no luck.  I was just about to throw them all away, but today I tried one last thing.  After lots of research, I found one last solution.  *FYI- I have a high efficiency washer*

1. I took every (stinky) towel I owned and soaked them in my bathtub with about 4 cups of vinegar with the tub filled about half way with hot water.  I left them there for about 4 hours, occasionally giving it a mix.  I then squeezed as much water out as I could, then transferred them all to the washer.  They still smelled at this point, but there was a film in the bath water so I had hope.

2. I filled both the soap and softener dispensers with vinegar, and half a cup of bleach in the bleach dispenser (even though I have dark colored towels).  I also put a cup of baking soda directly in with the clothes.  I set the washer to the hottest water temp and let it wash.

3. When that was done, I washed everything again.  This time I used laundry detergent and put vinegar in the softener dispenser.  Again, I set it to wash on the hottest temp.

To my surprise and relief, when I opened the door, there was no horrible odor.  I pulled a towel out and stuck my face in it.  Still no odor!!  Just fresh, clean towels!!  ...and the little bit of bleach didn't affect the colors at all!

I then transferred everything to the dryer, added a dryer sheet and set the temp to high.  Done!

My towels were all saved from instant death!!!  Hopefully this helps you too.  :-)